Gutenberg Block Editor

There’s a whole new way to use WordPress using the new editor. It’s called Gutenberg.

Gutenberg provides an entire editing experience to create media-rich pages and posts and to control their layout with ease.

What to expect with Gutenberg as your new editor:

  • You can do more with fewer plugins.
  • You can create modern, multimedia-heavy layouts
  • It works across all screen sizes and devices.
  • The editor looks like your website.


Instead of using custom code, you can add a block and focus on your content.

By using the Block editor, you can transform the way you create content:

  • it turns a single document into a collection of elements
  • the collection of elements transformed into an easy-to-tweak structure
  • brings you an effortless page- and post-building experience

This new editor is available as part of WordPress 5.0 and later. The block editor is set as your default editor unless you installed the classic editor plugin.

Adding a block

(video: add-blog.mp4)



Does the Block editor allow editing posts and pages in the front-end?

No. It’s a representation of what site visitors see on the front-end of your site. However, the layout and visual experience in the editor are much closer to the way things look like on the public-facing side of your site.

How will my existing content look?

Your current content should look the same as it did before. If you edit an existing post or page in the new editor, all the content will be placed in a Classic Block, which will treat it the same way that the Classic editor did.

Why doesn’t my content look the same in the editor and on the site?

You may see some variation between your content in the editor and on the site, largely because of the way your theme displays different visual elements. Some themes will include styles to help the editor look more like the front of the site; others will not. If your theme includes a sidebar, for example, you won’t see it in the editor, which may affect the width of your content when it displays on the front of the site.

Why are some settings available on one of my sites, but not another?

Some settings in blocks — “wide” or “full-width” — need to be supported by your theme. While the same blocks will be present on different sites, the specific settings you can apply to those blocks might be a bit different based on your active theme.

Will I still be able to use the Classic editor?

To switch to the classic editor, install and activate the Classic Editor plugin in your site.

Do shortcodes still work?

Yes. The editor comes with a shortcode block, which you can use for shortcodes just like before. In the future many shortcodes will become their own blocks.

Do I need to use a particular theme for the new editor?

No. The block editor will work with all themes. However, only some themes might support specific layout features (like “wide” and “full width” content). Some blocks CSS might need small adjustments for a better display.