I already bought my domain? Will LightningWP work for me?

Yes, LightningWP is an educational site that trains you how to properly use WordPress to create and run your website.  Therefore it does not matter where you purchased your domain, or your hosting as long as you have the access codes you can use LightningWP training.

I already have a website – I just want you to add some pages or update the content.

This is perfect! Creating new pages with interesting and relevant content is exactly what you should be doing for your business.  Your customers love this. Google and the other search engines love this.  With LightingWP we will show you how easy it is to add and update your content.

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is the website where you can download the web software that allows you to ‘create a beautiful website or blog’. It also has many free WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, a huge support area and other WordPress information.  By using the WordPress software on your own domain – you have full control and ownership of your website.

WordPress.com is the website where you can set up an account and create a website on their site.  This would be similar to having a store in an indoor mall – you get your own space to set up the way you want – but you don’t own it outright.  WordPress.com does have a way for you to link that ‘internal’ site to your own domain name.  But I feel if you plan on doing that – you might as well simply set up your business website the right way (and it is easy). Purchase your domain – get a hosting account – and install WordPress. You will have your site up easily and professionally.

Should I set up my own Website or hire a Web Developer to do it for me?

I have always had the opinion that it is better to hire an expert to create your website – but with the advancements in WordPress, along with social media trends – I now have changed my opinion. If you have little or no computer, internet or writing skills, I would suggest hiring an expert. But if you (or someone in your organization) have the ability to write clear and simple customer oriented information, and can create professional Word documents – then you can create a great website.

It also depends on your business plan and who does your sales and marketing. Your website should be a sales tool for your business, therefore the people doing sales and marketing should have input into the site. And if that is you – then you can build your own website.

That does not mean that you have to do it all alone. Hire a graphic designer to configure your logo to match your site.  Or hire a Web Developer to customize a WordPress theme to match your business colors and logo. Get a professional copywriter or editor to help you create and edit the content.  Hire a good photographer to get some pictures of your team, your business and your products.  Just like anything you do for your business – find the most efficient and cost effective way to get the results that work for you.

With WordPress – you now have the option to do it yourself – and make it look great.

I do recommend that you have direct input into the content – and have the final say on how things are done.

I also highly recommend a Marketing Specialist to help you create an effective E-Marketing Strategy.

I want more than just a website, I need a logo, I need print materials like business cards and brochures – I even need help with marketing – do you do all that?

LightningWP is a product of ZedBiz and through our affiliation with ZedBiz – a full service marketing company we can fulfill all your business needs.

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