WordPress Set Up Guide

The WordPress Set Up Guide is a series of concise, yet comprehensive lesson to get you started with the basics of setting up WordPress for your website. It will include the following lessons.

WordPress Introduction
WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Settings
WordPress Posting
WordPress Pages
WordPress Categories
WordPress Themes
WordPress Plug-ins

With the WordPress Set Up Guide we will assume that WordPress is already set up on your domain – either by yourself or by someone you hired to do it (in other lessons we will show you how easy it is to do this yourself).

We also assume that you are familiar with the internet, with websites and how to navigate around a website, and some common terms such as link, url, web page, domain, etc. (for any terms you do not know go to www.zedlearn.com for your complete business, marketing and internet dictionary and resource centre.)

Finally we will assume you know what you want to accomplish, whether you are using WordPress for a complete website, or simply for the Blog on your website.

We also assume, for this WordPress set up guide, that you have content ready to go and have an idea on the structure of your site. The general content and structure includes knowing your menus, your images and text content, links you want to add, etc.  All the things that you want your site to contain.

We will be covering more on planning a website in the Website Planning Module.

Get started now with Lesson 1 – WordPress Introduction.